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Best Food to serve at a Christmas Party

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As Christmas is coming soon, the brain storming starts and you feel you are running out of ideas!
Many questions get your head like what should I serve? Should I go with healthy food or should I counted a cheat day? Should I cook a traditional food? What kind of desserts should be included?
All these types of questions stock in your head and you still have no idea where to start from.
So, here are some helpful tips to consider while preparing your buffet:
The most popular Christmas dish:
You can never imagine your buffet without your grandma’s turkey that gives a warm touch and the amazing taste the grandma has. There is always a traditional print that reminds you of the special occasion. This dish well cooked and properly served apart with roast potatoes gives you the truly spirit of Christmas.
Appetizers like never before
It is essential to present an appetizer to warm up before the big dishes. So keep it healthy yet tasty! For example, you can prepare your ritual salad but served it in a special way and focus on the colors that matches with this Occasion. For instance, prepare your pizza like you usually do but served in a form of tree or star or anything related to Christmas. Even more, address your salad with green, red colors which are the tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and the lettuce... Just be creative!
Main dish
Apart the delicious turkey, roasted beef is one of the best Christmas food ideas that you could ever prepare on this holiday. But no need to settle for old-fashioned roasted recipes. You can tweak it in your way by adding your vegetables, sauces, rice or any kind of food you want. Just make sure it is well cooked and gets a nice serve.
Sushi tree
Get out of your comfort zone this year and try something new, something you never did before. Give your sushi a twist this Christmas. Instead of serving your sushi dish in a usual way that it doesn’t fit this occasion, slices in you platter, you may arrange it into a tree, having more number of sushi slices in the base and decreases as it rises.

Desserts has a part of this buffet
Who said you need to stay up late in the midnight of Christmas just to have Santa around? You can have it, or give it your kids right through your cookies. And surely, you should not forget the Christmas puddings! This year dap your recipe by adding new ingredients.

In conclusion, it is important to keep on your traditional dishes in this night but make it more special and add some new and fresh platters that will make spirits bright!
And last but not least don’t forget to celebrate Christmas in its traditions like having a gift exchange party and singing the Christmas songs.